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Cassie Hughes

"Apparently I'm a witch."

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Cassie, who raised herself in a single-parent household while caring for her mentally unstable mother, has latent telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities that are awakened when she touches an antique vase (Canari) that had been used in Voodoo rituals by the Medenham Witches. Her roommate, Thelma (who harbors an ill-concealed crush on Cassie), discovers that Cassie is a descendant of the Mendenham Witches.
Cassie is stalked by a "dangerous looking" stranger who calls himself Azazeal. He claims to be in love with Cassie, despite dalliances with schoolmistress Jo Watkins and Cassie's own mother, which may have contributed to her mental illness. Cassie, while horrified by Azazeal's behaviour, ultimately finds herself drawn completely into his power. Azazeal possesses Cassie, and while under his power, she gives herself to him.

[Cassie is NOT mine. She belongs to the BBC. This journal is for play only. More about Cassie can be found here Header made at hollow_artMuse and mun 18+]
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